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Welcome to the Company Street of Company H, Second Wisconsin,
The Randall Guards.
And the Iron Brigade Guard

A little History: Company H, of the Second Wisconsin was reformed at the end of 1997 by a handful of people who wanted just a little more out of the reenacting hobby.  
The members had always had an interest in the Iron Brigade and by coincidence the 2d Wisconsin was chosen to be the focus of the unit.  It was found later that a member actually had a family relation serve in the regiment.

It was decided to depict a regiment on the march or in the middle of a campaign.  It was also decided that the company should portray 1862 when the Iron Brigade earned its' sobriquet and showed the Union Army how to fight (Not to mention the gaiters look really cool with the dark blue trousers!).  Because of this choice Company H has a distinct look out in California.  Most units that we work with have large amounts of tentage and gear, we subscribe to the minimalist theory, less is better.  This is not only economically sound, but gives us the "Raggedy Assed" look that we so admire.

Our unit has earned the reputation as "hardcore" by those who would sleep on cots and wear pretty, clean uniforms.  We on the other hand do not believe that we are "hardcore", the unit has no "stitch counters" and makes no demands on an individual above their desires and abilities.  We continually are trying to improve our impression and are currently working very hard at perfecting our drill.   We eat pretty well at events and have been known to raid an occasional brewery (reference to Voigt's Brewery in Madison, June 1861 - If This Is War, Gaff, Alan.   Morningside 1991).  We encourage research and strive for authenticity.   We realize that we don't write the book, we only read it, and since we were not there in 1862 our knowledge can only be enlightened.

Also, we work as closely as possible with the Second Wisconsin in Wisconsin and the East Coast and travel to National and Regional events with them, such as Wisconsin's Sesquicentennial Celebration at Camp Randall and Gettysburg in 1998.

In the last two years it was decided to form the 
Iron Brigade Guard
so that  individuals who have interest in different units of the Iron Brigade could join that regiment of their choice here on the West Coast. 

The Brigade Guard consists of 
The 2nd Wisconsin, the 24th Michigan, the 19th Indiana, the 7th Wisconsin and the 6th Wisconsin.

You can Pick the Regiment of your choice. 
Join the Iron Brigade of the West

Above, Tom Klas Co. A (Wisconsin, Tim Fairchild Co. C (New Jersey),
Steve Bechtold Co. H (California) Also there, Company B, E, G, K 
and Battery B of the 4th US

The Second Wisconsin at Gettysburg 1998, all our companies together before the
first battle of the Event, a sea of Black Hats.

If any of this appeals to you drop us a line and we will be sure to invite you out for a weekend.

The Confederates along the West Coast know us . . . .

"they gave a glamour and a display
both fearful and entrancing"

E.E. Stickley,
Stonewall Jackson Brigade

Join the Iron Brigade of the West! 

You will be joining a Brigade with Regiments on the East and West Coasts
Plus 5 Companies of the Second in Wisconsin

There are but a few of them, but they 
cannot be whipped; you can "bet" on that.
I know not how you look at it at home, 
but I assure you that it is "glory" enough for any one man in these parts 
to have the honor of  belonging to the old "Iron Brigade."

7th Wisconsin, July 24, 1863

Your contact for more information:
Steve Bechtold

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Company H is affiliated with The Second Wisconsin Infantry Association, Inc.,
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