Iron Brigade 
of the West

During the Battle of South Mountain, Gibbon's men gave such a good account of themselves that Corps Commander Hooker referred to them as an "Iron Brigade".

This name stuck with them for the rest of the war and forever after. In Sept. 1862 at South Mountain, Md., General McClellan, said, as he witnessed the "IRON BRIGADE" break the center of an entrenched battle line, 
"These men must be made of iron".

On another occasion Gen. McClellan said, "I have seen them under fire acting in such a manner as to reflect the greatest credit upon themselves and their State (Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan). They are equal to the best soldiers in the world. It is not the numbers of men but the right kind of men that makes the "IRON BRIGADE".

Commanders of the Iron Brigade
Gen. Rufus King, John Gibbon, Solomon Meredith,
Lysander Cutler, Edward S. Bragg, Wm. W. Robinson, Henry A. Morrow

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