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Iron Brigade Book List
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Diary of a Soldier
The title above is of a reproduction of a diary by a 2d WI soldier, Jonathan White, Co. H, in 1862. He was wounded at 2d Bull Run and moved to Minnesota after the war. It includes his military records and elaborative material on the war and his family. It’s written and available for $10 + $1.50 S&H through:
Frances D. Rowan
463 Grove St.
Bishop, CA 93514
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"Giants in their Tall Black Hats: Essays on the Iron Brigade."
Edited by Alan T. Nolan and Sharon Eggleston Vipond.
Contributors include Silas Felton, Alan and Maureen Gaff, Kent Gramm, D. Scott Hartwig,
Lance J. Herdegen, Marc and Beth S Torch, Steven J. Wright, Richard H. Zeitlin, Alan T. Nolan and Sharon Eggleston Vipond.
Indiana University Press. Available July, 1998.

Lance in London 1998

Lance Herdegen, well known author on Iron Brigade subjects spoke in England on the United States Civil War.
On Saturday, April 18, he addressed The American Civil War Roundtable of Great Britain at the Texas Embassy Restaurant on Trafalgar Square and on Monday, April 20th, he spoke at Sydney College, Cambridge.

He had a First Rate Time.

Books by Lance Herdegen and William J.K. Beaudot

"The Men Stood Like Iron: How the Iron Brigade Won its Name."
Indiana University Press 1997.
The story how four regiments of Westerners won their fabled name in the battles of Gainesville, Second Bull Run, South Mountain and Antietam.
By Lance J. Herdegen.

"An Irishman in the Iron Brigade: The Civil War Memoirs of
Sgt. James P. Sullivan, Company K, 6th Wisconsin Infantry, Iron Brigade."
Fordham University Press.
The third volume in The Irish and the Civil War series.
A series of written accounts by a young farmer boy from Wisconsin who was wounded five times and enlisted three times in his 6th Wisconsin.
By William J.K. Beaudot and Lance J. Herdegen.

"In the Bloody Railroad Cut at Gettysburg."
Morningside House.
An account of the charge of the 6th Wisconsin at Gettysburg which set the
stage for the ultimate Union victory.
By Lance J. Herdegen and William J.K. Beaudot.


As if it Were Glory:

Robert Beecham’s Civil War from the Iron Brigade to the Black Regiments
from Madison House.
They describe the book as follows:
This memoir by a veteran from the 2nd Wisconsin, Company H, is unique and one of the most exciting Civil War tales ever told.

Robert Beecham began as a young Wisconsin private in the famed Iron Brigade who survived to see his unit cut to ribbons at Gettysburg. He then reenlisted as an officer in the newly formed U.S. Colored Troops, which he led at the battle of the Crater in 1864. Treated in Union hospitals for wounds and twice interned in Confederate prisons, Beecham lived to tell his intriguing story of Civil War army life.

What is so clear in As if it Were Glory is Beecham’s voice as an observant outspoken commentator. He is a candid critic of army bureaucracy and his own officer corps, while championing the enlisted man—white and black—of the Union army.

Author, Michael Stevens, is the State Historian of Wisconsin. He is the editor of several books on the social history of Wisconsin and America.

Available through:

Madison House Publishers
2016 Winnebago Street
P.O. Box 3100
Madison, Wisconsin 53704

Voice: 608/244-6210

Fax: 608/244-7050

Toll free orders: 800/604-1776

Email: info@mhbooks.com
and at the Madison House web site at:


304 pp., index, photos
Cloth, ISBN 0-945612-55-9, $28.95

The Iron Brigade
Alan T. Nolan
The Classic work on the Iron Brigade

If This Is War
Alan D. Gaff 
This work concentrates on the Second Wisconsin from recruitment to just after 1st Bull Run.

Brave Men's Tears: The Iron Brigade at Brawner's Farm
Alan D. Gaff
This volume picks up where 'If This is War' ends and discusses the entire Iron Brigade through this Brawner's Farm/Second Bull Run.

The Second Wisconsin Infantry
George H. Otis (ed. Alan D. Gaff)
A collection of Otis' history of the Second, done after the war, along with materials from other regiment members, including Corny Wheeler. It has a roster for reference.