What do you need to get started:


The items listed below are shown with approximate mid line prices as of the new spring season ('02). There are many sutlers at events and on the net that have the goods you'll need.

Keep in mind that the Civil War that the Second Wisconsin took part in was a 3 year period from summer 1861until 1864.  Most of the large battles where in 1862-63 keep this in mind when you think about uniform, and equipment needs.

Over time we will also be developing the "Grey" State Uniform of the Early War  for Bull Run, the Second  wore the State Grey uniforms until Oct 1861. 

The marked* items below are the minimum you'll have to have to get in the field. There are also several versions of patterns available for most clothing items and if you have a family member that sews or a local seamstress, you can save quite a bit on your uniform. Research and/or inquiries in your unit is always necessary.

This list is for the
Second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

The Shell Jacket would apply only to Battery B
other needs to join battery are noted with a

Hardee Hat * (This was the MAJOR piece of equipment that indicated you where part of the Iron Brigade of the West)
with proper insignia $47

(Bill Brewster of the Veteran's Museum recommends a $80- version by:
TP & H Trading Co.
121 Carriage Dr.
Birdsboro, PA  19508
(Tim Bender, 610-582-0327)

Trousers  * *
Dark Blue 1862 $69-86
Light Blue 1863-end of war

Frock Coat *
(First choice for the Second Wisconsin almost 100% use in 1862)

Sack Coat
1863-end of war

Shell Jacket *
(Artillery) $135

Great Coat

Gaiters * (Leggings) $50 (a must for 1862 impressions)
Scott Wallick
( Co. K ) makes a correct and reasonably priced copy
1-(608) 437-3560

Shelter Tent
2 halves $50

Rubber Poncho * * (this is one of the most used pieces of equipment, raingear, ground cover, protection from weather, it could do as tent if you have none, keep damp of night from you even without any other sleeping cover)

$39 $39

Tarred Haversack * *
$25 (bag carry all)
(this plus blanket and rubber blanket and
you have the most conformable life style you will ever carry)

Knapsack ( get soft two bag style)

-24 * * (need at least two)

Socks (need at least two pairs)
* *

U.S. Canteen* * (to join on field you will need this)
Wool Covering Blue

* *

Shoes * *
(Brogan) $84.00




These below will not be need if one joins Battery

    Weapon* Springfield 1861 Model 3 Band, $450.00-545.00
Enfield 1853 Model 3-Band Apx. $455.00 Musket Sling $14.50

    Waist Belt *
    Bayonet $45.50*
Scabbard *

    Cap Box *

    Sling and Infantry
    Cartridge Box

Accessories: You will probably add to your uniform and accouterments as you go along. Some of the things that you will likely want to have are as follows:

Tin Cup Candles Matches Knife & Fork Lantern  Mess Plate Frying Pan Lantern Drawstring Bags

For more
information see

           by Tom Klas
For Fabric and Patterns