Ed Farley
Co. K, 8th Wisconsin


Benton Barracks, 

Dec 17th 1862
H. Baker, Esq. Dear Sir: 

In order to give you a fair chance to judge for yourself what course you had better take as regards returning to the Barracks, I thought I would drop you these few lines to let you know how things are running here.

There had been a copy of an order sent to (N?) ickles from the war department giving a list of paroled men who are exchanged in which it said all (paroled men) delivered to Capt. Swan or Lacell(?) on the 1st, 5th, 7th, and 26th of September are exchanged." 

You know we were sent on board our fleet on the 23d but lay near Vicksburg until the 26th when another squad was came to the fleet and it may be that both deliveries were for the 26th. If that is the case, we are exchanged. 

I suppose you are aware of the fact that you are reported as a deserter, but you aware not alone for I believe I am reported as a deserter also, but you know that we never got into a scrape that we could not get out again. 

I received a letter from John Humphrey yesterday. He said they have not received any pay in 5 months. 

I have returned to the barracks to stay, as you know, I have six months pay pending -our descriptive rolls have come-Horace, I think it advisable for you to come back as soon as convenient.

There is no news so I will close.

I remain you friend Edwin.