Fredrick C. Waterman
Co. A, 2d Wis

Fredrick was born Aug. 26, 1841, in Oneida County, N.Y.. He was the son of Othniel and Mary (Gambia) Waterman, his mother later living at Valley Junction, Wis.  

He was married May 2, 1867, at Waterloo, Ind., to Ellen Danks, who was born in DeKalb County, May 30, 1843.  They had two children, Herbert C. and Orris C. The parents of Mrs. Waterman were Orris and Euseba (Brown) Danks.

Frederick was living in Fox Lake, Dodge County, Wis., working at the printing business, when at the age of 19, he enlisted as a private at Madison, Wis., May 2, 1861, in Co. A, 2d Wis., V. I.. He was promoted to corporal, sergeant, commissary sergeant, and battalion sergeant.  

In August, 1862, he was taken from Culpepper Court House hospital to the hospital at Alexandria, then to Washington to Ascension Gen. Hospital and from thence to  Baltimore Stewart’s Mansion hospital then back to Washington where he had a relapse of typhoid fever; he rejoined his regiment at Harper’s Ferry. July 1, 1863, he was captured at the battle of Gettysburg, by Gen, A. P. Hill’s forces, but was paroled the same night. He was hospital steward at this place until most of the wounded were taken away.  

In 1864, for a time he was sergeant of guard for cattle, while the army was on the move through the Chickamauga Swamps.  

A furlough was granted him in March, 1864, for thirty days. At the expiration of the time he rejoined his regiment at Bristol, Va.  

In June, same year, he received a flesh wound by a canister ball at the battle of Wilderness.  At Culpepper Court House, Va., Feb 25, 1864, he was discharged for his first enlistment, re-enlisting  Jan. 6, 1864, in the same company and regiment, subsequently the company was consolidated with and formed C. G, 6th Wis, Veterans; he was again furloughed in April, 1865, rejoining his regiment in May, at Petersburg, Va.  

His battle list includes Blackburn’s Ford, Bull Run, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Brandy Station, Mine Run, (at this battle he was notified of being exchanged) Wilderness, North Anna, Cold Harbor, Spotsylvania C. H., Petersburg, Yellow Tavern, Hatcher’s Run, Five Forks, South Side R.R., Lee’s Surrender, and minor engagements.  

He was honorably discharged at Jeffersonville, Ind., July 17, 1865.  Charles Waterman and Charles Danks, brother of our subject and wife, were both in the service, the former died in June, 1894, at Austin, Minn.  

He belonged to Waterloo Post, 52, being a member of this Post almost from the time of it organization and has served as its commander, J. V., S. V., Adjt., O. D., and as surgeon of the Post. He is a farmer, receives a pension, and resides near Ashley, DeKalb County, Ind. 

Information and photo shared by Sue Ruggles

Biography of Fredrick  C. Waterman.  Vol. II, pages 703 / 704.  Presidents, Soldiers, Statesmen; H. H. Hardesty, Publisher, New York, Toledo, and Chicago, 1894.