Pvt. John N. Ehle, Co. D

From: Walker Smith, Byron, GA

"Sir; In the rolls of Co. "D". 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, you’ll find a Pvt. John N. Ehle who enlisted at age 15 (don’t believe the records) and lost a leg at South Mountain 14 September, 1862. I have copies of his pension paperwork, discharge for disability, application for increase o pension, etc. My interest is that John Ehle was discharged from the hospital in Frederick, MD and later returned to Washington, D.C. where he worked for, I believe, the US Post Office. He married a woman from Jefferson, MD (Frederick Co.) and was a family friend. My father, now 87 and a life-long resident of Doubs, MD knew him as "Cousin" John. Was he a relative, I honestly don’t know but my father heard many interesting stories from him before he died in 1919 when my father was nearly 10. Not many people can say they knew someone who fought with the 2nd Wisconsin and I thought your members might find the above information interesting." (There’s been an open invitation to Mr. Smith to let us know of any further information he’d be able to share. Ed.)