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44th Wisconsin Infantry

The Forty-fourth Infantry was called into service in the autumn of 1864. It was organized under the superintendence of Colonel George G. Symes. The companies were sent to Nashville as fast as recruited. Company A left Camp Randall October 10th, and was followed by Companies B, F, D and C, successively, the last reaching Nashville November 30th. These five companies under Lieutenant Colonel Bissell were present at the battle of Nashville, December 15th and 16th. They were in the trenches between Fort Negley and the Franklin Pike, a portion of them being detailed to guard prisoners. In February, 1865, the balance of the companies reached Nashville and organization of the regiment was completed with the following roster:

Colonel - George G. Symes 
Lieut. Colonel - Oliver C. Bissell
Major - William Warner
Adjutant - Charles O. Tichenor
Quartermaster - J. N. Brundage
Surgeon - James M. Ball
1st Asst. Surgeon - S. A. Ferin
2d Asst. Surgeon - Thomas E. Best

Co.       Captains                 First Lieutenants     Second Lieutenants
A-         Oscar F. Brown       James Wilson           Thomas Hay, Jr.
B-         William Roush         Jay H. Bigford          G. L. Weymouth
C-         Omar D. Vaughan    Earl C. De Moe        John B. Jones
D-         D. G. Bush              Cyrus Van Cott        Hiram Seffens
E-         H. S. Nickerson        Leonidas Lombard   Edwin Hill
F-         C. W. Briggs            William N. Perry      H. P. Briggs
G-         Daniel Harshman      George F. White      Cyrus E. Dering
H-         Levi Honts               Edw. E. Dickerson   Levi J. D. Parish
I-          Leonard House         John L. Waldo         Joseph M. Henslee
K-         William H. Beebe     Archd. W. Bell         Wm. H. Peckham

The regiment was employed in post and guard duty at Nashville, until March 9th, when they were sent by General Thomas to Eastport, Mississippi, to escort some Union prisoners whom Forrest was to deliver to them at that point. The prisoners not having arrived, they returned to Nashville, and embarked, April 3rd, for Paducah, Kentucky, at which place they were employed in picket duty until August 28th, when they were mustered out of service. Many officers were on detached duty during most of the year. At the date of muster out, there were detached the Colonel, Major, Adjutant, Surgeon, three Captains, and two Lieutenants. The regiment arrived at Madison , September 2d where they were paid and disbanded. Several lieutenants were  promoted but the only new names that appear in the roster at the close are the following: - First Assistant Surgeon, Thomas Harkins; Chaplain, Elias W. Stevens; Captain, Company E, John W. Moore; Second Lieutenant, Company B, C.R. Henton.

Regimental Statistics.-Original strength, 877. Gain: by recruits in 1865, 235; substitutes, 2; total, 1,114. Loss: - by death, 57; desertion, 48; transfer, 121; discharge, 92; muster-out, 796.