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45th Wisconsin Infantry

The Forty-Fifth Infantry like the Forty-Fourth, was sent to Nashville by companies, during the latter part of 1864 and the first part of 1865. 
The roster was as follows: 
Lieut. Colonel - Gumal Hesse
Major - Charles A. Menges
Adjutant - Karl Ruf
Quartermaster - Albert Becker
Surgeon - Ernst Kramer
1st Asst. Surgeon - Allen S. Barendt
2d Asst. Surgeon - Emil J. Dahm

Co.       Captains                 First Lieutenants     Second Lieutenants
A-         R. Schlichting          Henry Hoehn          Peter Ruppenthal
B-         Jacob Liesen            Christian H. Beyler  John P. Surges
C-         B. Schlichting          Albert H. Scheffer   Gustave A. Witter
D-         Henry van Eweyk     Sebastian Karbach  Aug. Lintelmann
E-         C. H. Schmidt          Thomas Nelson      George Neumeller
F-         Ignaz Rimmele          Frederick Siebold   Victor E. Rohn
G-         Matthias Bauer         Charles White         Herman Rohn
H-         John O. Johnson      Theodore C. Kavel  Gotleib Schweitzer
I-          Jacob P. Nytes          George Ippel          William Noack
K-         Robert Lasche          Vincent Heck          Fred. Hemholdt

The regiment was stationed at Nashville until July 17th 1865, when they were mustered out. They arrived at Madison on  the 23rd, where they were soon paid and disbanded. The return roster presented the following new names:- F. Messerlin, First Lieutenant, Company E; Charles Korten, Second Lieutenant, Company D; John A. Fleischer, of Company E, and Max Nonerciler, of Company K.

Regimental Statistics.-Original strength, 859. Gain: by recruits in 1865, 142; total, 1,001. Loss:-by death, 26; desertion, 8; transfer, 85; discharge, 80; muster-out, 802.