48th Wisconsin

The Forty-eighth Infantry rendezvoused at Milwaukee, in February and March, 1865. It was organized under the supervision of Lieutenant Colonel Henry B. Shears, Colonel Pearsall being at the time in service as lieutenant colonel of a colored regiment. Wight companies left Milwaukee, March 22d passed through St. Louis to Sedalia Missouri and thence, April 1st during very stormy weather and over miry roads to Warrensburg and soon after to Paola Kansas where they arrived on the 13th having been delayed a day at Big Bear Creek in building a bridge across the swollen stream. Company C. was ordered to  Lawrence, H to Olathe, F and G remained at Paola; A, B, D, and E marched to Fort Scott. Companies I and K followed the regiment leaving Milwaukee, March 28th reaching St. Louis April 1st, where Colonel Pearsall joined them and was mustered in. These companies reached Fort Scott April 28th where May 5th the colonel took command of the Fort. The following was the roster of the regiment:

Lieutenant Colonel-Henry B. SHEARS Major-Cyrus M. BUTT Adjutant-ALONZO B. CADY; Quartermaster SYLVESTER J. CONKLIN; Surgeon- LEROY G. ARMSTRONG First Assistant Surgeon - HENRY E. ZIELLY; Second Assistant Surgeon James P.  SQUIERS;
Chaplain - Rev. TRUMAN F. ALLEN.
    Captain.                                 First Lieutenant.                     Second Lieutenants.
A. Charles W. Felker,                Henry Felker,                         Melancthon J. Briggs,
B. John B. Vosburg,                   John J. Roberts,                     George B. Smith,
C. Edwin A. Bottum,                  Luman D. Olin.                       John S. Kendall,
D. Adolph Wittman,                   Franklin J. Davis,                    James E. Brown,
E. Martin F. B. Hutchinson,        David W. Briggs,                    Don A. Winchell,
F. Alexander J. Lumsden,           George S. Rogers,                 Christian Amman
G. Hobart Al. Stocking,              Mark H. Theman                   Aaron V. Bradt,
H. Orrin F. Waller,                      Peter Trudell,                        Job S. Driggs,
I. Lindly A.Andrews,                   Henry C. Sloan,                    William H. Robison,
K. John D. Lewis.                        Aaron Carver.                       Merton Herrick.

Major Butt was ordered to duty at Paola and placed in command of all troops in Miami and Johnson counties. During the months of May, June and July detachments of the regiment were employed in cutting and preparing timber and other material for strengthening the fortifications and erecting new buildings at Fort Scott. July 19th Colonel Pearsall was assigned to the command of all the troops in and west of Neosho valley Kansas including the station of Osage Mission with headquarters at Humboldt forty-five miles from Fort Scott of which Lieutenant Colonel Shears now took command. On the 22d Captain Folker took charge of the regiment which August 10th was ordered to Lawrence. The heavy rains and impassable streams prevented the movement until the 19th. they reached Lawrence on the 25th, and on the 5th of September received their first pay. The men had expected to be mustered out at this place, but notwithstanding their disappointment promptly commenced the march westward over the plains, two hundred and fifty miles to Fort Zarah, Kansas, which place they reached in twenty days. Companies E and G were left here and the remainder of the regiment marched thirty-five miles farther to Fort Larned. October 1st Companies B and I under command of Major Butt went to Fort Dodge; D and F under Captain Wittman to Fort Aubrey; and C and K under charge of the lieutenant colonel  to Fort Lyon, Colorado territory. All these points are on the Arkansas River. The duties of these companies were to escort the mails and Government trains and protect them against roving hands of Indians. they also performed much garrison and fatigue duty. Companies A E G and H moved to Fort Leavenworth in December where on the 30th they were mustered out. January 3rd 1866 they reached Madison and were disbanded. Companies B, D, F, and I were mustered out at Leavenworth, February 19th 1866 and reached Madison on the 23d. companies C and K were mustered out March 24th and four days after were paid and disbanded at Madison, Wisconsin.

Lieutenant Olin became captain of 'Company C and Lieutenant Trudell of Company H Second Lieutenants Kendall Driggs and Herrich were promoted to be first lieutenants of their respective companies and C. B. Fowler was appointed second lieutenant of Company H.

Regimental Statistics, November 1st 1865--Original strength 828. Gain: by recruits in 1865, 4; total, 832.Loss: by death, 9; desertion, 67; discharge, 36. Number mustered out not reported.