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49th Wisconsin Infantry
This regiment was organized at Camp Randall, Madison, under the superintendence of Colonel Samuel Fallows, and had formed rapidly owing to the energy of colonel and his popularity with the loyal public. In one month from it's formation it was organized , equipped and on it's way south. It mustered into the United States service, and left the State on the 8th of March, 1865, for St. Louis. 
Arriving at St. Louis, they went into quarters at Benton Barracks. The regiment was sent to Rolla, arriving on the 13th of' March where it was engaged in guard duty and as escort to trains from that place to Springfield and in garrison duties. Company K was placed in Fort Wyman, one mile south of town, Company I in Fort Detty, and Company B was sent 10 miles east to St. James.. Colonel Fallows was placed in command at Rolla, and afterward the third sub-district on Missouri. Major Noyes was detailed on a general court martial at St. Louis, where he remained most of the time during the term of service. Lieutenant Coleman commanded the regiment and gave it a name for discipline which was highly commended by special orders from the department commander. In June Company A was stationed at Waynesville, and Company D at Big and Little Piny. In July Company H was sent to St. Louis to perform provost duty in the city, and Companied D and E to Benton Barracks as a permanent guard for that place. The remainder of the regiment moved the 17th of August, 1865, to St. Louis to do guard duty at Gratiot Street Prison, and Colonel Fallows was placed in command of the post of St. Louis. 
Companies B, C and D, were mustered out on the 1st of November, and the balance of the regiment on the 8th and returned to Madison, where they were paid and disbanded.
Regimental Statistics.- Original strength, 986. Gain - by recruits in 1865, 16; total, 1,002. Loss -by death, 48; deserted, 6; discharged, 173; mustered out, 775.