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Five companies of this regiment recruited under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Hiram J. Lewis, were sent forward by companies to St. Louis, in April, 1865.
Quartermaster W. W. Webb, of the Thirty-seventh Regiment was commissioned as Colonel of the Regiment, but as it was not filling up, it was not mustered. 
The battalion was sent to Holden, on the Pacific Railroad, in Missouri, in the neighborhood of Warrensburg, where they were employed in guarding the workmen of the Pacific Railroad, and furnishing protection to the surrounding inhabitants from the depredations of lawless bands of bushwackers which infested the country. They moved to Leavenworth, Kansas, in June, where they were assigned to duty, and were mustered out of service on the 28th of July, and arrived at Madison on the 2d of August, and were paid and disbanded.
Regimental Statistics.- Original strength, 486. Gain -by recruits in 1865, 25; total, 511. Loss - by death, 6 ; deserted, 42; transferred, 16; discharged 41 ; mustered out, 406.