The work on this website has been inspired by the following individuals
as we attempt to understand their lives:

All members of the Regiment who would wish to add to this list their family members who fought in the Civil War only have to send the persons Name and Regimental information as you see below to us, to be included in the list, any family member North or South.

Names in Red died in the war.

Pvt. Bill Acheson

David McQuiston, Sr. Pvt. 1813-1864
78th Penn, Co. H
Died of Chronic Diarrhea in Hospital No. 8, Nashville, Tennessee

Pvt. David McQuiston, Jr. Pvt. 1843-1902
Great-great-granduncle (son of David McQuiston, Sr.)
78th Penn, Co. H

Pvt. William M. McQuiston
Pvt. 1844-1922
1st cousin, 4 times removed (nephew of David McQuiston, Sr.)
87th Penn, Co. H

Pvt. Austin Parmenter Felt Pvt. 1841-1863
1st cousin, 4 times removed
5th Minn, Co. A
Died of Intermittent Fever on the hospital boat "Nashville"
enroute from Vicksburg to St. Louis

Pvt. John Lorenzo Edes, Jr. Pvt. 1844-1930
44th Wisc, Co. E

Michael Walburn Shafer, Sr.
Pvt. 1821-1914
No direct relationship, he's the father-in-law of a great-grandaunt
36th Wisc, Co. K

A. Arellano

Lewis M. Baker-Corporal Co, B
2nd WI Infty.

My wife Jeane Baker Arellano, Great Grand Father,
he was wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg, July, 1863

Lewis died in the state of Oregon

Steve and Georgette Bechtold

Andrew Ballweg, Pvt., 1845-1914, Co. K, 
2nd WI Infty.

Jeff Blakeley

Paul Selb, Pvt. Co. "C" (Eagle Company of the Eagle Brigade) 
8th WI Vol. Inf., 
Mustered out after 3 years

Terry & Teri Brown 


William R. Brown - 21st Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Co. H, 
14 August 1862 -17 May, 1865.  
Taken Prisoner on 1 December, 1862 exchange date unknown. 
Mustered out of service due to wounds received at Resaca, Ga. 1864.

William V. Sheets -
13th Wisconsin Independent Light Artillery 
15 September, 1863 - 20 July, 1865.

John Sheets -
48th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Co. I.  
14 March, 1865 - 19 February, 1865.  
He was one of the last five surviving member of the Waukesha Wisconsin G.A.R. post as of 1928.  


John A. Goeff - 133rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Co. I, 
6 May, 1864 - 24 September, 1864.  
100 Day volunteer, mustered out at the end of service.

 Fred G. Cook Jr.

David G. James
, Brevetted Captain

Mustered in: October 12, 1861
Prisoner July 22, 1864 (Battle of Atlanta)
Mustered Out: July 12, 1865
Assigned: Company F - 16th Wisconsin Vol. Inf. as Private (October 12, 1861)
Assigned: Company C - 16th Wisconsin Vol. Inf. as Corporal (December 12, 1861) 
Norman L. James, Private
Mustered in: October 16, 1861
Mustered out: October 1, 1862 (Disability)
Assigned:  Company F - 16th Wisconsin Vol. Inf.
William G. James, Musician
Mustered in: September 21, 1863
Mustered out: September 21, 1865
Assigned:  Company C - 1st Regiment Heavy Artillery
Norman L. James, Private
Mustered in: October 16, 1861
Mustered out: October 1, 1862 (Disability)
Assigned:  Company F - 16th Wisconsin Vol. Inf.

Tim Fairchild Family

Lucius Fairchild, 
Brigadier General, 2nd,WI, 1831-1896
(lost left arm Gettysburg)

Cassuis Fairchild,
Brev. Brigadier General., 
1829-1868, 16th Wis. Died of Wounds,

Charles Fairchild,
Union Navy

Judith Halford Family

Andrew Clark -Corporal- , Co. K, 
7th Wisconsin 
Sept 9, 1861 Thru July 3, 1865, Veteranized, Wagoner. 

John W. Campbell - Private - Co. D,
13th Virginia Infantry,  
Enlisted May 27,1861, Winchester Virginia, 
Killed in action at Gaines Mill, June 27, 1862

Andrew W. Walton - Private -  Co. D, 
13th Virginia Infantry,
Enlisted June 8, 1861, Harpers Ferry, 
Wounded At Gaines Mill, June 27,1862 

James H. Roberts - Private -  Co. C, "Louisa Guards", 
56TH Virginia Infantry,
Enlisted Oct 1861, Later Joined Goochland Light Arty., 
Mustered Out June 17, 1865. 

Edward P. Jones - Private - 1st Regt. of Colorado Infantry 
(Later Known as 1st Colorado Cavalry) 
Enlisted Oct. 8, 1861 
Muster Out Nov. 15, 1864.

James Johnson Family

Samuel Carpenter, Pvt. Co. E,
147th New York Vol. Infty. 1st Corp.

Wounded July 1, 1863, Gettysburg Died July 10th 1863 Gettysburg
Wounded in area of the sunken railroad cut

Andrew J. Johnson, Sgt. Co. I 89th Illinois Vol. Infty.

Frederick R. Johnson, Pvt. Co. G,  77th Illinois Vol. Infty.
1841-1863 date of Death, Feb. 19th 1863

Stephen D. Chapin, Pvt., 1825-1868, Co. I, 
2nd WI Cav.

Alonzo D. Chapin, Pvt., 1847-, Co. I, 
2nd WI Cav.

James Huffman, Pvt., Co. D., 
11th WI,

Daniel Richmond Johnson,
Pvt., 2d Tennessee Vol.
Infty CSA (Walker Brigade)

Daniel W. Huffman, Pvt., Co. D., 
11th WI,

Jos. M. Huffman, Corp., Co. D., 
11th WI,

Emmett T. Johnson, 1st Corp.,
1842-Sept.17, 1862,
Died Antietam, MD, Co. K.,
3rd WI Infty.

Henry P. Johnson, Pvt.,1841-1906, Co. E., 
14th WI Infty.

Irville Johnson, Pvt., 1846-1920's, Co. K., 
13th WI Infty.

James D. Johnson, Pvt., 1826-1895, Co. D., 
49th WI Infty.

Reuben F. Johnson, Pvt. A,  4th Mass. Infty

Stephen Norton Johnson, Pvt. Co; I, 4th Minnesota Vol. Infty

Rockwell Johnson, Pvt. Co.?,  52th New York Vol. Infty

David Knapp, Pvt. Co. E., 
14th WI, Infty.

Esrom Knapp, 1838-1890, Sgt., Co. H., 
1st WI Cav.

George M. Rickaby, Pvt., Co. D., 
16th WI, Infty

Oscar F. Rickaby, Pvt., 1834-1921, Co. H., 
21st WI Infty

Robert E. Rickaby, Pvt., Co. G.,
14th WI, Infty

Willard H. Rickaby, Sgt., 1839-1917, Co. A., 
5th WI, Infty

Wounded Lost  a finger from hand.

Poem  Robert D. Rickaby, his son's are above

James Monroe Tyler, 1st Sgt, 1827-1914, Co. E., 
14th WI, Infty

Jedediah O. G. M. Tyler, Pvt, 1829-1894, Co. E., 
14th WI, Infty

Martin Curtis Tyler, Sgt., 1830-1916, Co. E., 
14th WI, Infty
Badly wounded thru neck at Vicksburg, Not expected to live,  Rejoined Co. E and the march with Sherman
up the east coast guarding the pontoon train, ending with the Grand Review in Washington,  Co. E 14th Wisconsin was at the end of the Western Grand Review Parade In Washington.

John A. Savage, Pvt. Co. K., 
13th WI Infty

Ezra Whitmore, Pvt., Co. F., 
33rd WI Infty
Died Woods, Wisconsin, February 25, 1925

George Parker, Pvt. Co. H, 9th New York, Vol. Inf.

Susan Johnson

Ammon Raine, Pvt. 1844-May 3, 1863, 
Died Chancellorsville, Va.
Pvt., Co. H., 
12th N.J. Infty.

Ezra H. Peterson, Co. K, New Jersey, Vol. Inf.

Mark La Chance

Sgt. Albert I. Damon,  Co. I,  19th Mass Infantry, 
Mustered in 1861, Mustered out 9/1863 due to disability, wounded (leg amputated), 7/2/1863, Gettysburg.
Occupation:  School Teacher

Pvt. Peter Massie, Co. K, 5th Vermont Infantry, 
Mustered in 1/1865,  Mustered out 6/1865
Occupation: Shoe Maker               

Jeff Meicher

Lewis M Keepers, Pvt., Co. I., 12th WI Infty, 
Died August 9, 1864, Marietta, Georgia, wounds

James M Keepers, Pvt., Co. B., 25th WI Infty, 
Transferred to Co. I, 12th WI, June 2, 1865

Hays J Keepers, Pvt., Co. I., 
12th WI Infty

Craig Mickelson

Pvt. John Erickson (changed from Johannes Lerum), Co. I, 
18th. Wis. Inf. 
Captured Altoona Ga.
(Brother of Andrew)

Pvt. Andrew M. Lerum, Co. E, 
45th. Wis. Inf.

Pvt. Hover  Mickelson, Co. G., 
1st. Minnesota Vol. Cav.

William Newton  

Q. M. Sgt. William Newton, Co. C., 
4th Wis. Vol. Inf., later redesignated the 4th Wis. Cav.

Eric Peterson

William Wade (father), Pvt., Co. E, 
1st WI Infty (three year)
1st U. S. Engineers

Phillip Wade (son), Pvt., Co. E, 
1st WI Infty (three year),

disabled after Perryville

Laurie Rasmussen

Samuel Marks, Company H
110th Reg't. New York Infantry

R. J. Samp

Alvin Wait
Mustered in at Age 18
Mustered out at Age 21, minus a leg.....

Ahmand Grab  Corp., Co. H,  
35th WVI

George B. Van Norman  Sergeant, Co. H, 
8th WVI
(and later Mayor of Milwaukee...)

Robert Taunt
Henry Taunt, Fall River, Columbia County, 7th Wis, Co. B; dates of service Aug 3, 1861 to Jan 17, 1865.  Wounded in the left leg at Haymarket, Virginia.  Walked with a cane & brace
until age 93.
James Taunt, Hazelgreen, Grant County, 10th Wis. Co. I; dates of service Sept 5, 1861 to Nov 3, 1864 Huntsville, Ala - develops eye infection in the swamps & is nearly blind after discharge.
Stephen Taunt, Columbus, Columbia County, 18th Wis, Co. I: dates of service Jan 10th, 1862 then transferred to Co K.  Wounded in the foot Oct 3rd, 1862 at Corinth, Miss. and discharged Mar 18, 1863 due to disability from the wound.
Stephen Taunt, Oshkosh, Winnebago County, 32nd Wis, Co K, dates of service Jan 4, 1864 to Aug 19, 1864.  Killed at Atlanta, Ga when a tree cut in half by artillery fire falls on his tent during a storm.
Gardner Taunt, New Brighton, Lawrence County, PA, 83rd Pennsylvania, Co. K, dates of service Dec 10, 1863 (believed to be 17 years old when enlisted) to May 5, 1864.  Killed at the battle of the Wilderness, VA
Loring Taunt, Randolph, Mass, 19th Massachusetts, Co K, dates of service Feb 24, 1864 to Sept 7, 1864.  Wounded in battle and taken prisoner June 22, 1864 at Petersburg, VA and sent to Andersonville Prison where he died of starvation, Sept 7, 1864 while a prisoner of war.

Steve Wyrick

Lt. William Booth, Co. C, 
2d WVI

Sgt. Sam Booth, Co. C, 
2d WVI (later Co. F, 7th WVI)

Pvt. George Booth, Co. C, 
2d WVI (later Co. F, 7th WVI)

The Booths were brothers