Corporal Theron Aiken

Above a photo of Corporal Theron Aiken. His brother was, James P. ( Jim ) Aiken,  Jim boarded at the Meachum's home, and in one of Horace's notes he says that Jim was Meachum's adopted son. He may have meant this as a term of endearment.

Jim died of the measles in Murfreesboro, Tn. Feb. 4, 1864. One of the two letters below Theron wrote concerning his brother Jim's death and burial. One was written to Carlie and her sister Louisa.

The other was written to Carlie's father, Hilas Meachum. 

Also a letter that Carlie wrote to Horace. On page three she says that they had just received the news of Theron's death. He died May 30, 1864 from wounds he received at Resaca, Georgia. It is a sad story . In Theron's letter to Mr. Meachum he says he may not return from the war and asked him to look after his brothers grave.

A month and a half later, Theron died.

Nashville Tenn., March the 16th
Dear Friends
Your kind letter of the 14 was received the day after Brother James Death Sad to say there was no one to read the kind words therein but myself. And as you mentioned about my writing I feel it no more than Gentlemanly to send you and Louisa a letter which I shall try to do to the best of my ability. I doubt not the letter I wrote your father detailing the sad news of my Brother's Death
was received same time as the remains reached Springfield and I shall not sadden your minds by writing but a few more lines on this subject for I think you both can Sympathize  with me in appreciating the loss of one who is as dear as a Brother for James told me the sad affliction you have had to endure in losing your little brother  It is very very saddening to have to lose our relations and friends and never the less we have all got to yield them up when God sees fit to take them from this wicked world but it seems hard that James should have to yield his life up while so young and keeps those that are dear to him to Glory and know his love. I shall miss him very much for he was the dearest to me on earth and when I return home I shall be spared to do so  how sad it will seem to have no Brother to visit   His kind words I will hear no more during this life and that dear form is layed for ever from our view where I pray his remains will sleep in peace and the Spirit will meet with those  Dear ones in that happy and better world  I suppose the clothing I sent in the box was taken out  I put it in there because I was told it could be sent that way so well as not and would be more certain of getting home every article that he deserved of us  sent. I trust every thing will be kept until I        holy war for I wish to keep these clothes as a memento of the past there was a photograph of his in his Portfolio which I intended to send to Oscar but some reason a sutler did not      I forgot to take it out  I hope one of you will be so kind as to and send to him or me  I am making you considerable trouble but I trust you will forgive me for doing so  Now I will ask you to explain to me all about the      of James and when his body arrived there  I doubt not you must all be interested in this sad affair and have done all that could be done   I must now bring my letter to a close   I trust that these few lines will find yourself as good as myself   If you would answer this letter I would be very happy              with you both  it would be quite gratifying to hear from one who was so dear and kind to my Brother  I must            and I will under (take to) do the best I can (to answer) letters

yours      Friendship  T. Aiken

Letter to Carlie's father, Hilas Meachum.  Carlie letter to Horace.