What You Need to Start
The minimum equipment you'll have to have to get in the field.

School of the Soldier
Baxter' Drill, structure, skills and customs
of the 1860's military
School of the Civilian
structure, skills and customs
of the 1860's

Member developed items for sale that are helpful to furthering the portrayal or knowledge of the Second Wisconsin Wisconsin and the Iron Brigade

Book list for
in the Civil War

General Calls
on the Bugle

Home and Field

Hardtack and Liniment
Recipes of all kinds
for needs of the
Soldier & Civilian

Modern Medical Concerns
Remember, prevention is better than treatment - every black hat we lose to disease or injury is one less loyal soldier to put down sedition and treason!

Timeline -
Equipment & Fashion

Sewing Techniques

Money of the 1860's

1860's Home