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Through war and reenactments,
the Second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
has existed in three centuries. 
The material this site offers attempts to speak to all. 
We offer a list of pages that are divided into these
periods historic and modern

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Regimental Headquarters
Company A: Fox Lake, WI Area
Contact: Scott Frank

Web Page

  Company B: LaCrosse, WI & MN
Contact: John Dudkiewicz

Company E: Fox River Valley WI & MI UP
Contact: Dave Sielski
Web Site

Company G
A company for the older adult
Contact: Gary Klas

Company H: California
New Information

Contact: Gary Manhart and I am the First Sargent with the
2nd Wisconsin Company H in California

Web Site

Company K: Southern WI & Northern IL
Contact: Ryan Schwartz, (Milwaukee)
262-215-1851, or,
Casey Humbolt (Madison) 608-217-3761
Web Page

6th Wisconsin Light Artillery
(Buena Vista Battery)
Contact: Wally Hlaban
Marksmanship Team
Contact: Gary Van Kauwenbergh
Web Site
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Second Wisconsin 2018 Calendar
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Fugleman Second Wisconsin Newsletter

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Annual Minutes of Regimental Meeting 2017
Scholarship Form for 2018

The dead line to submit form is Monday June 4, 2018
Handbook for members 2015
Our Feedback & Information Page
Tax and Incorporation Information

2d Wisconsin, Antietam, MD, 1997
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Skills, Equipment & Information for
Military and Civilian  Impressions

School of the Soldier w/Baxter's Drill,
What You Need to Start, General Calls on the Bugle, Modern Medical Concerns, Equipment and Clothing Timeline, School of the Civilian, Hardtack and Liniment, Period Cooking, Sewing Techniques,  Book List for Wisconsin in the Civil War 

(Questions? Please contact us: secondwisconsin@hotmail.com or
through our Feedback page)

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  Take a look Baxter's Drill

Making of America Collection

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 Scott Wallick  
Official Gaiters

R.J. Samp
Music Manuals

Page of instruction and information
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Nineteenth  Century History
The Second Wisconsin
A Brief History

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Wisconsin's Participation
 in the Civil War

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State Training Camps
Period Poetry

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Iron Brigade of the West
Battery B
of the 4th U.S. Artillery

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(Civilian &  Military Biographies/ Letters)
If you have stories, letters, photos, we would love to place
them on a page.

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At the Front
Second Wisconsin at the Front
Roster of the Second Wisconsin

The Seventh Wisconsin at the Front
Roster of the Seventh Wisconsin

The Sixth Wisconsin at the Front
Roster of the Sixth Wisconsin

The Fifth Wisconsin at the Front
Original member of the Brigade, next on the list

Letters from Camp Randall until the end of the war
1500 Pages, much more to come.
See the war through the eyes of those that were there.
We are putting it all online, the words, the tears, the glory. 

Read the words of 1861-1865 

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Civil War Wisconsin Life 

Look at Wisconsin Military & Civilian Life
Through the Newspapers/letters/writings
Before the war and During the Civil War period
and after the war, plus GAR
(we are always looking for family material)

Timeline 1860's

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Regiments & Engagements

The official 1866 history of the Wisconsin Units, 
and additional material as it becomes available

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Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers War of the Rebellion
Wisconsin Historical society

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The Flags of the Iron Brigade

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2d  Wisconsin Companies
Origin Location Maps

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2d Wisconsin Muster Roll

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Twentieth Century Information

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Links to historical and
Informational Web Sites

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Look Again:
Events of the Second Wisconsin, 1998/1999/2000

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Samuel Wilkerson
Dispatches from Thomas M. Sobottke portraying
New York Tribune correspondent
Samuel Wilkeson from research and observations at events

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The Photographic Album
over the years.

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 Irish Fest Photo

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Relatives of our members who served in the Civil War.

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To those who are gone from our ranks
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Medals of Honor Given to Soldiers from Wisconsin 

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Civil War Reenactors Discussion Forum
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