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Wisconsin Regiments  
and Engagements

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Eastern Theatre

Western Theatre

Copy below in Bold black, are units with History in place

1st Wisconsin

29th Wisconsin 

3d Wisconsin

30th Wisconsin

4th Wisconsin
                  (later 4th Cav.)

31st Wisconsin

5th Wisconsin

32nd Wisconsin

8th Wisconsin

33rd Wisconsin

9th Wisconsin

34th Wisconsin

10th Wisconsin

35th Wisconsin  
11th Wisconsin 36th Wisconsin

12th Wisconsin

37th Wisconsin

13th Wisconsin

38th Wisconsin

14th Wisconsin

39th Wisconsin {100 days}
15th Wisconsin 40th Wisconsin {100 days}
16th Wisconsin 41st Wisconsin {100 days}
17th Wisconsin 42nd Wisconsin
18th Wisconsin 43rd Wisconsin  
19th Wisconsin 44th Wisconsin  
20th Wisconsin  45th Wisconsin
21st Wisconsin 46th Wisconsin
22nd Wisconsin  47th Wisconsin
23rd Wisconsin 48th Wisconsin
24th Wisconsin  49th Wisconsin
25th Wisconsin 50th Wisconsin  
26th Wisconsin 51st Wisconsin  
27th Wisconsin 52nd Wisconsin  
28th Wisconsin 53rd Wisconsin

Co. G U.S. Sharpshooters (Berdan's)

Cavalry Regiments
1st Cavalry 3rd Cavalry
2nd Wi. Cavalry and web site 4th Cavalry (also 4th Inf.)
1st Light 1st Heavy  
2nd Light